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Clem Bushay

Unity Roots are very proud to have a reggae legend as one of its patrons.

Clem Bushay's productions in the early 1970s were issued by Trojan Records, and he produced early releases by Owen Gray and Louisa Mark (including her hit "Keep It Like It Is"), and was one of the early producers of UK Lovers rock.

He produced the debut album by Tapper Zukie, Man a Warrior, in 1973.

He became a regular producer for UK-based reggae artists such as Junior English, and Janet Kay, and visiting Jamaican artists, producing Dillinger and Trinity's Clash album, and recordings by Rico Rodriguez.

Clem Bushay had a reggae chart-topper with Louisa Mark's "Six Sixth Street".

After working for several years with the Burning Sounds label, when that folded he formed his own Bushays label in the late 1970s, largely concentrating on lovers rock, with productions of artists such as Janet Kay, Al Campbell, and Dave Barker.

He also set up another label, Bushranger.

The Bushays label continued through the 1980s, with releases by The Morwells, Prince Jazzbo, Gregory Isaacs, Tony Tuff, Barrington Levy, and Jah Thomas.

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