The Happiness Project


About the project

THE HAPPINESS PROJECT incorporates 20 years of experience of developing and running community projects. Our Community Happiness Project works with all people from all backgrounds and abilities including schools projects, working with the most isolated and vulnerable and at the heart of a community.


We can provide one off workshops through to a full Happiness project in a community usually taking a year and starting with a community research programme. The Happiness Project is part of Unity Roots CIC and headed up by Genny Jones and Steve Carley.

Genny has spent over 20 years running happiness and confidence projects in schools and communities and has appeared on a number of Television shows as The Confident Queen.


Steve was the founder and CEO of the award winning charity The Beat Project for 20 years and set up and headed many youth and community development programmes specialising in working with the most at risk or vulnerable people from all backgrounds and abilities. He is also a professional film maker, songwriter and musician.

Street Music Show

Community happiness programme

This one year programme starts with a community research project so the community are involved in the project, its design and delivery aims right from the start. We set up a dedicated website for every project filtering into a central website so different communities can share their experiences and good practice. We offer online and face to face community activities and showcase and evaluate the project through professional film, audio, talking to people and evaluation forms. 


Happiness Days


The idea here is to bring together people from all backgrounds and abilities to gain new friends, take part in fundraisers for each community, socialise with people from outside their normal area, take advantage of networking opportunities and fun activities, tackle issues within the community and society generally and combat loneliness and isolation.


Spreading happiness


We run specialist schools workshops and projects and fun activities for primary school aged children.


Genny Jones has appeared on prime time television, Britain's Got Talent as The Confident Queen bringing joy and happiness to people everywhere. Genny especially supports charities, causes and community groups through her work as The Confident Queen.