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Enriching lives through creativity;

promoting equality and opportunity for all

What we do

Unity Roots CIC offer our services for all but specialise in supporting the most disadvantaged, vulnerable, marginalised, in poverty or at risk people and communities both in the UK and abroad from age 11yrs upwards.

Our initiatives are designed to promote opportunities, skills and a better life for all no matter their background, ethnicity or ability. 

We run workshops, projects and longer term programmes using Music, Film, Arts and Heritage to improve education, employability, health, cultural relations, understanding and tolerance and to reduce poverty and inequality.

Through our work we also raise awareness of social injustice and promote creativity, peace, happiness, personal development and social responsibility for all.

Unity Roots CIC run activities for the good of people, places and the planet.

We promote unity & equality through enabling understanding and knowledge, we believe everyone should be treated with respect and given equal opportunity regardless of race, culture, background or ability.

We support education through film and music, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae music, Culture and Heritage.

We help bring communities together and make them stronger through targeted community initiatives around music, film projects, culture and heritage.

We help artists and those who want to play, perform or realise their creativity teaching technical and creative playing and singing for individuals and groups. 

Who we are

Genny Jones


Genny, The Confident Queen promotes Happiness and Confidence in communities across the UK.  

John Leonel


John is a professional musician, music teacher and has many years working with vulnerable young people.

Steve Carley


Steve ran an award winning arts charity for 20 years and is a professional film maker and Reggae / Ska musician. 

Palma Black


Palma has over 30 years’ experience of working in and with disadvantaged and challenging communities.

What we do
Who we are

What we offer

Music - Music projects, events, gigs, initiatives and workshops for young people and communities.

Film - Film projects, initiatives and films that support people, places and the planet.

Theraputic arts - We incorporate theruaputic practices within our work.

Health and Well-being - We work to promote health, well-being and happiness throughout all our work but also run specific projects such as The Happiness Project and Music Therapy.

Heritage and Culture - Promoting unity & equality whilst celebrating culture and preserving history through music, film & arts.​ 

Beating Homelessness - Specialist music and arts programmes working with the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.

Supporting people, places and the planet - We run projects and create films to support our world and its people including campaigns and events to raise funds for further projects and inspiring music or film projects for the most vulnerable young people and adults in our society.


Community projects - We run community projects in the UK to help communities come together and flourish and specialist projects for schools, colleges and special educational organisations.

What we offer

Our mission

Unity Roots aims to inspire positive change and equality, raise awareness, promote creativity and social responsibility for all.

We believe that regardless of age, race, religion, gender, ability or circumstance, world music and film can assist in the development of everyone’s health, education, aspirations and personal growth.

Our mission

Our objectives


  • To benefit people from all backgrounds, abilities and nations so as to develop their physical, mental health and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as confident, happy and educated individuals and productive members of society.


  • The provision or assistance in the provision of recreational facilities for those who by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or economic and social circumstances, have need of such facilities with the object of improving their conditions of life, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of facilities for exploring music and the creative arts, holding in-house performances and workshops offering facilities and opportunities for visiting musicians and artists.

  • To advance the education of the public by the provision of courses to instruct people in the skills required for participating and becoming proficient in the arts and in particular playing musical instruments, performing, film making, singing, dance and the creative arts.

  • To promote, maintain, improve and advance artistic excellence and education in the arts, in particularly the art areas of film, digital moving image and music, for the public benefit by making films and music, running musical, artistic or cultural events and performances that promote the arts and creativity and support talented individuals or groups and those who are developing their creativity.

  • To advance the education of young people by the promotion of the development of a wide range of life skills including health and hygiene, nutrition, budgeting and finance, basic literacy and numeracy, relaxation and stress/anger management.

Our objectives
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